How To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Students

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance For Students

cheap car insurance for students

I was a student once (long ago). I remember what it felt like to have pretty much no money for anything. I also remember how much it hurt paying for those big ticket items like rent, utilities, auto loan payments, and of course insurance. Finding cheap car insurance for students is pretty much a necessity, unless you have Daddy Big Bucks supporting you.

I also remember calling every insurance company I could find and asking for their rates. Back then the only way I had to find them was through the phone book. Believe it or not, the internet hasn’t been here forever. We actually had to read things on paper to get information, and it wasn’t always easy!

Thankfully, nowadays you have the internet. You can find information on pretty much any topic that you can think of. You’re not limited to the companies in your town, because businesses can “exist” across the country through the internet.

While auto insurance companies do have to be registered in virtually every state that they provide policies in, basically all of the big boys are. That means that you can speak to just about every large insurance company, and you can easily find them through the internet right now.

The short answer to “How to get cheap car insurance for students?” is by making a list of say 5 to 10 national companies that interest you. Contact each one of them and ask for a quote.

Before you do that though, you need to figure out what you are shopping for. To get the cheapest auto insurance:

  1. Get liability only. This means that it will cover the expenses for the person that you wreck into, if you are at fault. It will not cover your medical or car repair expenses.
  2. Get the lowest liability amount that you can. Most states set a minimum amount, say $10,000. Get that.
  3. Set a high deductible. The deductible is the amount that you would have to pay if there is a claim. Most will offer deductibles of $500, $1,000, or more. Go with the highest deductible that you can. Sure, it will suck if you have to file a claim, but if you can avoid getting into a wreck, this is your cheapest solution.
  4. Ask if they can give a lower rate for good grades. Surprisingly, many auto insurance companies will reduce their rate if you have solid grades.
  5. Ask if you can get a discount for taking a driving school test.

If you really need to pay as little as possible so that you can still afford that college bar, saving a few bucks on your car insurance makes a lot of sense. If you follow these instructions, you should end up with the cheapest auto insurance for students that exists.

Good luck!

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