Jet Ski Insurance Quotes Made Easy

Jet Ski Insurance Quotes Made Easy

jet ski insurance quotes

I love riding on a jet ski! When I first started riding them, they were pretty simple and cheap. That is not the case these days. You can easily spend as much on a car as you can on a jet ski! If you are going to ride around on the water on such an expensive machine, it makes good sense to get insurance for it. Part of getting a policy is figuring out how to get some jet ski insurance quotes.

In this article we will ultimately figure out how to get a quote. We will also explore how to get the best deal, what it will cover, and a few companies that are actually insuring jet skis today.

With any type of insurance (even a yacht policy), the way that you get the best deal is to get as many quotes as possible. We will list a few companies that insure jet skis and boats, but you can google many more to talk to. You need to speak to at least 5 to 10 companies and ask each one of them to give you a quote. When shopping for quotes, make sure that you are getting quotes on the same thing (type of watercraft, liability amount, full coverage amount, deductible, etc.). The only way to find the best deal is to simply request as many quotes from as many insurers as possible.

What does jet ski insurance cover? You most likely should only be looking at full coverage for it. That will protect you if you wreck it into someone else’s property (dock, boat, jet ski, etc.). It will also pay the repairs needed on your craft. The amount of the deductible will determine your portion of the liability. Of course it will not cover any maintenance or repairs not involving a wreck.

There are several national jet ski insurance companies that you should call to get a quote from. I am personally biased towards Geico. I have been using them for almost 20 years. I have had 3 claims over those years with Geico, and their service was 4 stars. They may not be the cheapest (or maybe they are?), but I just love how professional Geico is. A few other national boat insurance companies to look into are Progressive and SkiSafe. They are all great PWC (personal watercraft) insurers.

Back to the main question- How to get  jet ski insurance quotes? Make a list of every PWC insurer that you can find online. You should also contact the insurer that you are currently using now for your home and auto, as they can often bundle everything for a cheaper price.  You should then contact every one of them online or by phone. Give each of them the same details, and then see who gives you the best quote!


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