The Best Life Insurance Agent That I Know

The Best Life Insurance Agent That I Know

best life insurance agent

I have been writing so much about insurance lately that it got me to thinking. A good friend of mine (Dez Davenport) also happens to be the best life insurance agent that I have ever met, but what makes him so good at it?

He sold a few policies to me around a year ago. At the time, I already had some nice term insurance from the military (I’m medically retired). I believe my policy with the military is either $200,000 or $250,000 of term. Better yet, the rate is fantastic!

When I called him to see if I needed more insurance, he was happy to come to my home to take a look at it. Sure, I already had a nice term policy, but I knew that I wanted more. $200,000 or so is a nice chunk of change, but how long could my family really live off of that if I drop dead in a few years?

When Dez came to our home he wasn’t in a hurry. I had asked him to skip the scripted speech, and he was more than happy just to shoot me straight. It wasn’t one of those slick sales presentations that you would normally expect from an insurance guy. It was basically just two friends sitting down to talk about what I needed to figure out.

He explained whole life insurance to me well enough. I already knew that I didn’t want any part of it. Even though Dez explained what it could do for me, and that he was a big proponent of whole life, he backed down from it when I told him I wasn’t interested.

Now I can tell you that agents make a lot more from whole life than term. It is absolutely in their best interest to push whole life. But when I told Dez that I didn’t want it, he moved along. I have met quite a few agents that would just keep beating that whole life bush for days. Not Dez. I really felt like he was just wanting to make me aware of the products, and to help me find what would make me happy.

I did buy some term life insurance from Dez at a nice rate. I also bought a cancer policy.

I really didn’t know anything at all about cancer insurance until Dez explained it to me. It’s basically a policy that pays out if I get cancer. It will pay you for every day that you are in the hospital. Best of all, instead of sending the payments to the doctor like medical insurance does, this policy sends the benefits directly to me.

I didn’t know that I wanted a cancer policy until Dez told me about it. This is actually one of the best decisions that I have made, and I’m really happy about it.

To sum it up, Dez is definitely the best insurance agent that I know because he is thorough, laid back, not slick and pushy, and I honestly felt like he had my best interest at heart. He has told me many times that he has convinced people to buy a smaller policy that they can afford, even when they are trying to spend more money. Now how many insurance agents would do that?

Dez Davenport works with the American Income Life insurance company that has a local office in Baton Rouge, LA. He covers pretty much all of South Louisiana. If you are in need of life insurance, I can’t recommend him enough. You can reach out to Dez by phone at 337-257-6998. Be sure to tell him that you found him through Insurance 411.


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