What’s The Best Homeowner Insurance Company?

What’s The Best Homeowner Insurance Company?

homeowner insurance company

Home insurance may be one of the most important insurance policies that you buy. After health, I would argue that your house is the next most important thing in your life (sorry wife and kids). The problem is that there are so many companies out there that insure homes, so how do you pick the best homeowner insurance company?

I’ll tell you how I have done this for the last 20 years or so. When we first bought our home I got a lot of quotes to find the best deals. You can now get insurance quotes online really fast, so this part has become extremely easy.

I narrowed it down to 3 companies that had the lowest rates. I then met with my local agent from each of these companies. Sure, I wanted them to be friendly and helpful, but I picked the finalist by asking each of them this:

  1.  You gave me a great quote already, and your policy has everything that I need, but can you make a better deal? Amazingly, all 3 came back with a better price!
  2.  Every year I want you to review my cost and coverage. I want you to get in touch with me every year and explain where we are at, and if you were able to get me a lower rate. Can you do that? Again, all 3 of them said yes!
  3.  I really like your company, and it seem like you all are the best. Can you tell me why you and your company are better than these other 2 agents and companies that I’m also talking to? This question is where I found my winner!

The winning company and agent that got my business (for some 20 years now) told me that he can give me the name and phone number of a dozen people that he has helped. He told me how he tries to visit with all of his customers every year. He goes above and beyond to make sure they are treated right when a claim happens. He even offered to ride me around to meet a few of his customers.

That sold me! He gave me a better price right off the bat (when I asked for it). Every year he has called me to go over my home insurance, and we always work to make sure I’m really fully covered. I even ended up meeting and talking to a few of his customers that really bragged about him.

I know that in today’s age we do a lot of business online and through the telephone, but when it comes to finding the best homeowner insurance company I’m a big fan of finding an agent that will be your friend for life. If you need that insurance one day, the agent can make or break you.

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